With almost 30 years as a leader in local and national community development projects, Sharon Nielson has deep experience and success in the worlds of finance, real estate and non-profits. The Taylor Group has been at work just as long, supporting Sharon and others like her in creating the businesses and the lives they truly want. As Sharon approached her wisdom years, she had nagging doubts about the sustainability of the current ways we structure our economy, and our lives. Seeing so many around her act from a sense of fear and scarcity, she partnered with The Taylor Group and made a decision to embark on a journey of reimagining her own life and business from a place of empowerment and inspiration. The result was a renewed sense of responsibility to herself and the wider world, along with a new awareness of how to make changes that have a meaningful impact.

Through years of supporting businesses and individuals like Sharon, The Taylor Group has also been continually reimagining, incorporating the most current and effective approaches to serving our clients. We’re always making an effort to ensure that our work can have a bigger impact, not just for the individual, but for the region, and the world. In the past year, we’ve redesigned all of our courses to reflect new knowledge we’ve gained through both research and practical experience. Naturally, we saw the opportunity to partner with Sharon, to bring this conversation to a wider audience of people who share our commitment to design a better future from what actually matters to people.

We live in time when our social, economic, and environmental structures are no longer meeting the needs of people, or the needs of humanity as a whole. This event is a conversation about how we can reimagine our lives, and create a future that works for both the individual and society. We all have the power, and the responsibility to take an active role in this process of reimagining and redesigning the outdated structures in our world. We invite you to join Sharon and Jill for a conversation about how to make that a reality.

This event will be held Wednesday, October 26 from 4pm-7pm at Cerimon House, a non-profit humanities and cultural arts organization that hosts dynamic and relevant community conversations located in the Alberta Arts District, 5131 NE 23rd, Portland. The fee for this event is $75, and net proceeds will be donated to Cerimon House. Call The Taylor Group at (503) 243-2846 or email to participate!

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